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Securiclad hits the mark with new ballistic protection system

Posted: April 28th, 2017

Securiclad can now offer additional protection to staff, businesses and infrastructure, thanks to the development of an enhanced ballistic protection system.

Securiclad has launched Ballisticlad, a range of high security panels which have achieved ballistic testing to EN1522/23 (1999) FB5 and FB6 ratings, meaning they are certified to withstand firepower from AK47s and other assault rifles.

Ballisticlad, which is manufactured at Securiclad’s North Tyneside site, has also passed all requirements to Ballistic Standards EN1522/23 (1999) FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5 and FB6 with a non-spall rating.

The certification has been achieved for both walling and enclosures, enabling Ballisticlad to offer a ballistic enclosure where joints, ancillaries and interfaces are certified. A narrow retro fit ballistic liner panel option is available as well as a ballistic and (LPS) 1175 Security Rating (SR) 4 security option that comes with fire rating, security rating, acoustic rating and thermal efficiency.

The Ballisticlad system can be used to bolster the protection of areas such as gatehouses, panic rooms, perimeter buildings, guard huts and control rooms, and has been designed to safeguard assets at critical national infrastructure sites, nuclear facilities, utilities sites, military installations, Government buildings and more.

Mike McColl, managing director at Securiclad, said: “In the current security climate, it’s vital that a sensitive facility’s critical areas, such as server rooms or control equipment as well as the organisation’s staff are safeguarded from attack – and that includes criminals using firearms to gain access, or damage an installation’s infrastructure.

“We’re therefore proud to announce the launch of Ballisticlad: the fact that our systems have been awarded FB5 and FB6 ratings is testimony to the experience and cutting-edge expertise of our design team and shows that we are continuing to innovate and develop our products in light of worldwide security threats.”

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