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Protecting energy and water industry facilities

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Water and power infrastructure can be vulnerable to attack by thieves, terrorists or vandals, with motives ranging from metal theft to deliberate sabotage. Often, control facilities are situated on unmanned sites in remote areas, and in many instances, if an alarm is triggered, it can take some time for the authorities to arrive on site – and the damage may already have been done.

Securiclad is approved for government use by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and achieves both ‘Base’ and ‘Enhanced’ levels (formerly SEAP class 2 and 3). It has a high security rating and is built to withstand attack by implements such as drills, sledgehammers, jig saws, felling axes and disc grinders: this makes it an ideal physical barrier with which to protect utilities infrastructure, allowing time for the authorities to respond and preventing security breaches.

As it is quick and easy to install, Securiclad also minimises disruption to the operation of a facility.

For information and advice on protecting utilities infrastructure, click here. For a recent case study showing how Securiclad can protect utilities infrastructure, click here.

  • CPNI approved
  • Rated to LPS 1175 SR5
  • Can be designed to specification
  • Cost saving due to pre-finish
    – no wet or hot trades
  • Can be retro-fitted
  • Quick order turnaround
  • Completely bespoke
  • lpcb
    LPS1175 SR3, SR4 and SR5
    Modular Security Enclosure
    and Partitioning System
  • ballistics
    European Ballistic Standard
    EN1063 – BR2 (NSR), BR3 (SR),
    BR5 (NSR), BR6 (NSR)