Consultation & advice

Due to the stringent nature of the certification of Securiclad’s high security modular panel system, our highly trained team are able to advise on all aspects of your proposed installation throughout the process, from tender through to site delivery.

We can advise on all the required technical details and specifications for your project ensuring you achieve your design requisite in a timely manner.

Bespoke design

Our expert team design your product from scratch, according to your project’s bespoke requirements.

Our products are flexible and adaptable and we can provide solutions to a wide-range of on-site scenarios – with factors such as access, penetration and weatherproofing all taken into account.

Manufactured in the UK

Securiclad products are manufactured from our UK factory, in Monmouth, South Wales.

Securiclad is pre-finished, negating the need for wet or hot trade requirements. This speed and ease of installation delivers a substantial cost benefit in terms of materials, turnaround time and labour when compared to more traditional building methods.

Flexible installation

Securiclad can be offered as a turnkey solution via recommended installers, or on a supply-only basis to contractors whose preference is to manage the installation process (using the supplied construction guide).

Securiclad can be supplied fully assembled as a smaller kiosk, guard hut or small storage space.

We also offer an offline cutting service, minimising on site installation time, reduction in levels of waste ensuring compliance with relevant industry and certification standards.

Training & support

Delivered by Securiclad’s expert technical staff, we host training sessions which offer in-depth technical construction guidance and hands-on practical installation experience for our high security modular panel systems.

The sessions are held at our head office in North Tyneside.

We cover:

  • Securiclad’s security and fire ratings
  • CPNI approval
  • Compliance issues relating to physical security
  • Securiclad’s qualities relating to aesthetics and hygiene
  • Build options and capabilities
  • Complementary products, such as doors and bar sets
  • The installation process
  • Practical construction guidance

Colours & finishes

Securiclad offers a number of steel facings delivering different aesthetic finishes aligned to the sector your operate in.

We can work with you to advise on the best colours and finishes for your project, by matching to existing structures or choosing fresh styles for your build.