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Ballistic Ratings


Securiclad’s enhanced ballistic protection panel system

Certified to Ballistic Standards EN1522/23 (1999) FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5 and FB6 with a non-spall rating, Ballisticlad panels are ideal for use in the nuclear, utilities, defence and additional high risk sectors.

Ballisticlad provides protection against AK-47s and other assault rifles, as well as a range of handguns, including a 0.44 calibre Magnum weapon.

Ballisticlad can be used to create walls and free standing enclosures. It can also be retro-fitted to a ballistic lining into existing buildings.

We offer a turnkey ballistic package that achieves a ballistic solution combined with SR4 security, fire ratings and thermal efficiency in one lightweight panel.

Ballisticlad has been designed for use in the following environments:

  • Gatehouses
  • Critical government infrastructure sites
  • Guard huts
  • Perimeter buildings
  • Panic rooms
  • Utilities facilities
  • Nuclear facilities

Ballistic ratings explained

EN1522/23 (1999) FB2 – Tested against hand guns with bullet calibre 9mm Luger

EN1522/23 (1999) FB3 – Tested against hand guns with bullet calibre 0.357 Magnum

EN1522/23 (1999) FB4 – Tested against hand guns with bullet calibre 0.357 Magnum and 0.44 Magnum

EN1522/23 (1999) FB5 – Tested against rifles with bullet calibre 5.56 X 45

EN1522/23 (1999) FB6 – Tested against rifles with bullet calibre 5.56 X 45 and 7.62 x 51

Ballisticlad offers the same benefits as our Securiclad system, including:

  • Quick and easy to install, with minimal disruption.
  • Entirely bespoke, can be designed to specification and offers a complete modular solution including wall, ceiling and floor panels.
  • Available in a wide range of core types to satisfy insulation and fire rating requirements.
  • Weather and water resistant, making it suitable for both internal and external applications.
  • Can be used as a ‘standalone’ wall or partition as well as a complete modular secure enclosure.
  • Can be installed in new buildings or retro-fitted to an existing site.
  • Pre-finished – no need for wet or hot trades on site, providing costs savings in materials, turnaround time and labour when compared to more traditional builds.
  • Can be offered as a turnkey solution, via approved and certified personnel or on a supply-only basis for contractors who prefer to install the system themselves.
  • Rated to LPS 1175 SR4
  • Can be designed to specification
  • Cost saving due to pre-finish
    – no wet or hot trades
  • Can be retro-fitted
  • Quick order turnaround
  • Completely bespoke
  • lpcb
    LPS1175 SR3, SR4 and SR5
    Modular Security Enclosure
    and Partitioning System
  • ballistics
    European Ballistic Standard
    EN1063 – BR2 (NSR), BR3 (SR),
    BR5 (NSR), BR6 (NSR)