Securiclad Products

Standard colours & finishes

Colours & Finishes

Securiclad products are offered with finishes of Leather Grain, Scintilla, PVDF and White Food Safe Laminate (WFSL), which can be used in internal hygienic areas (such as laboratories)

The following colours are considered standard in each range and therefore are subject to no additional charges upon selection:


White Food Safe Laminate


Leather Grain                        Tata Steel Colorcoat LG®
White BS 00E55
Goosewing Grey BS 10A05
Merlin Grey BS 18B25
Moorland Green BS 12B21
Honesty BS 10C31
Mushroom BS 10B19
Anthracite RAL 7016
Sargasso RAL 5003
Black BS 00E53
Juniper Green BS 12B29
Vandyke Brown BS 08B29

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Colorcoat HPS 200 Ultra®

White BS 00E55 RAL 9003
Goosewing Grey BS 10A05 RAL 7038
Anthracite RAL 7038
Merlin Grey BS 18B25 RAL 180 40 05
Hamlet RAL 9002

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PV F2 Corus Colorcoat® PVDF
Alaska Grey RAL 7000
Silver RAL 9006
White RAL 9010
Oyster RAL 7035
Slate Grey RAL 7012

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  • CPNI approved
  • Rated to LPS 1175 SR5
  • Can be designed to specification
  • Cost saving due to pre-finish
    – no wet or hot trades
  • Can be retro-fitted
  • Quick order turnaround
  • Completely bespoke
  • lpcb
    LPS1175 SR3, SR4 and SR5
    Modular Security Enclosure
    and Partitioning System
  • ballistics
    European Ballistic Standard
    EN1063 – BR2 (NSR), BR3 (SR),
    BR5 (NSR), BR6 (NSR)